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  1. Dharm bachao aandolan

    I have proud 2b jain..... 

  2. Ayush Jain

    तुम्हारी शान घट जाती या घट गया होता रुतबा 

    जो गुस्से में कहाँ तुमने  वही हँसकर  कहाँ होता..

  3. Dhananjay Arwade

    Hello Friends...

    I, Dhananjay Arwade, From Sangli ( Maharashtra )

    Our Snehalaya Foundation, Sangli (NGO) is Working For Save Baby Girl Child Awareness Project... on this project through We aware near about 40 thousand Girls & My Work Will be Continue to Aware the People For "female foeticide" Subject ...So my dear Friends are u With Me ...??? 

    If you Arrange this Program Pls Contact Us 

    Fight To Again..... This Murders 
    Thank U ,

    Mr. Dhananjay Arwade. (Social Worker)

    Mail : dhananjayarwade@gmail.com * snehalayasangli@gmail.com

    Cell :  09850035838

    ZP Sangli 7 March 2015 copy.jpg

    Latter For Programe copy.jpg

    Karnataka 10 April 2015 copy.jpg

    VP Management College Sangli 11 Feb copy.jpg

    Intro Of Work copy.jpg

    Anna Hajare  copy.jpg

    MLG School Kolhapur 31 July 2013 copy.jpg

    Dr Sudha mam copy.jpg

    Snehalaya  Banner 2x4 copy.jpg